Why Businesses Should Blog ?

In this blog post I will be taking you through the question “Why Business Should Blog ?”


In the social media age we are living in it is vital for businesses to be blogging. Blogging can be a way for business  to communicate with existing and potential customers in a manner that is more casual and understandable for people. Busineess’s that blog successfully  are seen by people as more concerned about there customers concerns . The following link is an article in which there are 19 helpful and useful tips as to just why businneses should blog Why Blog ?    . Feel free to read this article and share as it is a very helpful article as just to how important blogging is to business.

While writing this Blog post I came across the following video which is also more helpful tips as to why business’s that aren’t blogging are losing out to those businesses that have successful  blogs.

To leave now on a final taught of mine regarding why a business should blog ;

Were living in an age of everything social media so a business that want’s to be successful needs to be able to communicate with customers on every single able front .

Thats all from me for this week if you enjoyed me thoughts and opinions make sure and follow and share for  more intresting blog posts . Bye for now 🙂



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