Remarketing – Useful Maerketing Tool or Cyber Stalking ??

Hey again everybody im back again for what is now my 4th blog post ! wow where does the time go ….

In this post I will take you through a very interesting question in the social marketing world and that is the question of remarketing and the sun-question of is remarketing a useful marketing tool or a form of cyber stalking?

Remarketing as a definition is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google. From just simply looking at the definition of remarketing and having no other knowledge of marketing it does sound slightly in a sense stalker-ish as a concept . This article will take you through why remarketing may seem like creepy stalker behaviour.

As a marketing student it is my point of view that remarketing is in fact not just a very useful marketing tool but one of the most important and useful tools that digital marketers should definitely be using in the 21st century. Remarketing is a key way for marketers to target potential customers on an individual and one-on-one basis . For a business or company to be able to target a potential customer with a product that interests and people like is one of the most amazing revelations in marketing over the past  number of years and I for one am all for it . This article helps back up my point also .

Agree ??? Disagree ???

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